Maharshi Sadguru Sadafal dev ji maharaj ki Vachanamrit

Maharshi Sadguru Sadafal dev ji maharaj ki Vachanamrit:-The flow of spirituality-nectar took place in the Indian language Devanagari. Therefore, the element of spiritualism in Devanagari is full of knowledge. Devanagari is very dear to me. Therefore, in the world promotion of this spiritual science, Devanagari is the principal and will be the head.

Maharshi Sadguru Sadafal dev ji maharaj ki Vachanamrit
Maharshi Sadguru Sadafal dev ji maharaj ki Vachanamrit

The metaphysics of metaphysics, Bhavana Devanagari has been expressed in pure, full form in Hindi because it cannot be, nor will it be in other languages. Therefore, Devanagari has predominance in theology.

My main principal languages ​​are Hindi and Sanskrit, in which there is a complete description of spiritualism. Spiritualism cannot be expressed in other languages ​​because other languages ​​are all incomplete, incomplete. There is no full language.

Those who want to illuminate and do spiritualism in English etc. language is not theology, but the outer shadow of metaphysics and is incomplete. Writers writing in this language are also not full spirituality. If you are, come before me, give your exam.

All my texts are in Hindi and Sanskrit and will remain because they will not come out in other languages.

Those who have a sense of spiritualism in the nation or nation, read Hindi or Sanskrit and come to me and get satsang and good faith.

I will teach spiritualism in Hindi and Sanskrit only, not in other language because the imaginary languages ​​are many.

Sanskrit apabhramsa is Hindi. Therefore, these are two languages ​​and Sanskrit is the mother of all. Spirituality does not require another language.

Hindi is the main language. So read Hindi people. Without studying Hindi you will not be a scholar.

Hindi is the principal for the promotion of spiritualism in the world and will remain the principal. Those who want to get spiritualism, read Hindi. There is no theology in other languages.

Pure spiritualism has emerged in the divine books of Hindi. Therefore, it is compulsory for world-travelers to read Hindi.

Shirmaur of all disciplines, soul is spirituality, so spiritualism shines in the sentences of Hindi. Hence, read world-curious Hindi and understand the elements.

Holy Hindi is the only one in which I have written 35 texts such as Swarveda, Veda-Bhasya, Bijak Bhasya etc. The other is not Hindi.

The main language of Sadhguru is Hindi. There is propaganda in Hindi, so Hindi will be a universal language and the entire nation of the world must read Hindi.

The complete language is Hindi and the entire language is incomplete, incomplete. Therefore, for the realization of spiritualism, all the world people should read Hindi and understand the importance of Hindi.

Raga, a person with hostility is not a possessor of spirituality. Therefore, all the nations, gentlemen, be blessed with the Bhushan of humanity, read Hindi, only then I will be able to provide convenience in world publicity and provide happiness and peace to everyone. There will be only one language in the promotion of spiritualism in the world, that is Hindi. All nations read Hindi.

Sadhguru-vani is in Hindi. The whole world belongs to the Sadhguru, the whole world has only one Sadhguru. So, read the Hindi world.

The importance of India is life, not folk collection. Therefore, let India become a great life.

——Maharshi Sadguru Sadafal dev ji maharaj ki Vachanamrit

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